Now That Is Art!

FSX/P3D. That's also Holland. More to the point, it's Orbx OpenLC Holland. This is totally going to be one heck of an amazing product once released. No doubt, the reigns of Ultimate Terrain and Ground Environment are over. Folks simply were not too pleased with their latest products and I was one of those such folks displeased. Needless to say, the FOUR LAYERS are the future. *FSGlobal2010 *FTX Global *FTX Global Vector *OpenLC. With these four products (which will not come cheap) will enhance your simulation experience like never before. But is it worth it? Well just a reminder: Unlike FTX Global where we fielded screenshot requests (we took hundreds if I remember correctly) I will be conducting a live Twitch broadcast instead and you can all submit your destination requests live. Oh and yeah, it'll be totally worth it!