Iris C-27J Returns To Production Hangar.

FSX/P3D. For those of you who currently own the current version of the Iris Simulations C-27J Battlefield Airlifter, you have discovered a hidden gem likely many have yet to discover. These days, many are complaining about systems depth and lack thereof in many current product offerings. The C-27J is one such aircraft that is incredibly complex. I just dare you to try starting the engines without reading the manual. Good luck. Back in April of last year Iris announced that they would be upgrading the C-27J as reported by ADX followed by another announcement that they would be rebuilding the aircraft from the ground up with a level of systems modeling and feature list far superior to the current offering. The project went dark for a while, well, until today's announcement. "With the PC-9/A done and out of the door, it's time to concentrate on finishing off the Battlefield Airlifter... Including a facelift of the cockpit."