ParthenoSim Milano Linate X Nearing Beta.

FSX/P3D. Is Italy making a comeback? Or is Italy making a comeback? Let's review shall we? Bologna: Check. Bergamo: Check. Olbia: Check. Bari: Check. Venice: Check. (Well the airport could be better) Naples: Check. Florence: Check. Fiumicino? I said Fiumicino? Fiumicino?!?! Okay skip that for now. Malpensa: In development. Linate: Nearing beta. Whew! Okay so it looks like we are making some progress here. Well all but my third favorite Italian airport: Genova. After the demise of ISD I have been waiting and waiting for these destinations to make their comeback and slowly, it's happening. I am looking forward to getting back into Linate. Thanks to ADX reader Aaron Brand for the tipoff on this one. More info via the source link below.