Drzewiecki Back To Work.

FSX/P3D. Indeed it has not been an easy year for Drzewiecki Design. In the last couple years, they ranked second only to Orbx in terms to number of products released. This year however, has been a different story. Now in July, we are officially past the mid way mark through 2014 leaving the question: What will the team deliver in that time. Honestly, the #1 airport on my list from the Polish team is without a doubt Warsaw. If we get that and that alone, i'll be supper happy. And if we get Tallinn and Moscow Sheremetyevo then even better! My baby cousin is on her way to Moscow via Sheremetyevo this week. I really should have her take some pictures. I doubt they would look half as good as the latest screenshots released today. Hmm... am I seeing a hint at some internal modeling? Maybe just the tower... Happy July folks!