Statement From RSR On SP1:

FSX/P3D. For y'all banned off Avsim:

This is just a quick note that will be followed by more in-depth information in a short while: We are currently working with a version of the SP1 that we are very happy with- and we have gone essentially code-freeze on the SP1 as of tonight. We did introduce a few hiccups with tonight's build that we will be ironing out during the next couple of days- and we are planning to give our testing team a chance to really settle in with the SP1 and the 300ER to make sure we haven't left anything truly BAD in the build... At some point during this week, we will give you a release timeline for both the SP1 and the 300ER... Stay tuned for more information..."

Thanks to ADX reader Nils Schloemp for the tipoff.