Microsoft Sells "Flight"? Truth Or Rumor?

[Rumor Mill] I have been getting a lot of emails and PM's over the past few hours from ADX fans stating that Microsoft has apparently sold the FSX license to a "new flight simulation franchise". The info I am hearing is already coming off as varied including notions that a large gaming firm has bought it. At this time, all I can say is I know nothing of this and until an official statement of some sort is released, I only hold this as a rumor. I have been told that if this is true, information will be revealed at E3 this coming week. So i'll be keeping an eye out for further developments. But here is my question: Why buy the FSX license and not the license for the engine that "Flight" was developed on? Hmm... Again, will keep an eye out. Feel free to speculate all you want here if other forums wont let you...

So... it's Friday... in many cases... Saturday... end of the week. Where is that announcement? Did I miss something? Did you miss something?  Huh.

And Yes, I know Simflop is making a lot of claims. It's now said to be Flight and not FSX. The parameters of this "information" keeps changing. But since they wont reveal their source, and the supposed purchaser of the platform is not speaking up, it's all a ball of wax till it's not.