PacSim Manila: Just Days Away...

FSX/P3D. Are you all ready for this one? According to Pacific Islands Simulations today, the Beta testing stage is finally over and are now at the packaging phase. This means prepping the uploads to the severs. This is PacSim's largest project to date and based on the previews, it's mighty impressive. FS Sceneries just keep getting bigger and bigger and I believe we can acknowledge this as the new trent in flight simulation development. A few more previews are up. Be sure to show your support and throw this development team a like via their Facebook page. More importantly, be sure to buy the scenery once released. If it is released whilst I am sleeping, one of you just email me like always and i'll pop up and update. 

ADX Update >> Note from PacSim:

"Folks, just a quick HU on RPLL's status. We were hoping for a release today, but we found out yesterday that our installer guy is currently out of town for the weekend. He should be back on Monday (08). He and simmarket already got the RPLL files so hopefully we can go live by then. Thanks everyone for your continued patience and support."