Is This A Real 737?

FSX/P3D...or a testament to just how realistic flight simulation has come? How many of you are enjoying P3Dv2? And yes, I said enjoying. Im not afraid to admit I am having super fun with Prepar3D. Uh hoh.. A knock at the door... Is Wes Bard here to arrest me? Nope! Just the pizza guy. Yes, P3Dv2's visuals are amazing to say the least and for those who have accused me of shoving P3D into ADX readers faces, so. So what. QualityWings is another developer fully on board with the new platform and I take much pride in the fact that Lockheed Martin is working so closely with the flight simulation community. Word is, Flight1 is also starting to finally see the light as well. Want a 64bit platform? Microsoft sure ain't gonna deliver. Support P3D and purchase a copy today. Oh, and by some QualityWings airplanes while you are at it!