AYPY And Bush Strips: Final Shots?

FSX/P3D. Well whether these are the final shots we will see or not, these are surely Iain's final screens which means by the time you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around, it will be released. Orbx currently has one helluva massive product map taking us well into 2015 and those products alone will break anyone's bank should they choose to purchase them all. But the real curve-balling going on here is with these sceneries sneaking up on us straight out of left field. If you have planned a budget for all the products Orbx currently has in development, you might want to sock away an extra couple hundred bucks somewhere because I have a strong feeling many more of these projects are going to pop up and get released within weeks after announcement. Brace yourselves. This summer (or winter for my Oz peeps) is going to be packed. Yep, on your hard drive! So get ready.