Well. Blow. Me. Down. CRJ Preview!

FSX/P3D. Thanks much to the developers for this preview. The flight simulation community whereas may not be entitled, they surely are quite deserving for their patience. Today we get a brief look at the DA/AS CRJ in production with screens lit and all. If you ask me, they look like Christmas morning all lit up like that. No doubt everyone will be all over this masterpiece once it's available. Again, I want to say thanks to the developer for this inside look and I am sure ADX readers will have some happy things to say as well. According to Mr. Kok, the systems are approx 95% complete. That said, please consider the product is still in development and also note that the displays and instruments and not yet inserted in this mode. More previews will follow in the future. For now, a nice preview that keeps us engaged and in the loop. Much appreciated. Go full screen and HD! Thanks Rene for El Tippo!