DFS MAP Rome. No Update But Clarification.

FSX. Indeed there is a lot of concern regarding the FSX version of the Mega Airport Rome project in development by Dream Factory Studios and the communication to the community has been mute at best even up to the point of Aerosoft themselves closing the preview topic in their forum. Back in August of last year, I did seek some clarification directly from the developer (I did not ask Mathijs as he himself was stating at the time that they did not have the files) who told me that Aerosoft did actually have the files and that it was up to them to determine release per the post I wrote here: http://airdailyx.blogspot.it/2013/08/fiumicino-fsx-update.html Upon seeing this, Mathijs quite visibly upset maintaining that they did not have the files. Should I have assumed I was being lied to? After all, there was a time difference of about a month between Mathijs' statement and my article. I assumed they did indeed have the files by then as stated to me by the developer. I saw no need to seek further clarification. Split milk under the bridge. The developer has updated me a few days ago and whereas there is no development status to announce at this point, he has clarified that Aerosoft has no position in regards to the development or redevelopment of this project. Therefore if I have implied otherwise via any statements I made, I hereby retract those statements now for the record. Aerosoft is not assisting with the Rome development. That said, I am very hopeful that Cornel is making good strides on the project and improving his visual techniques in an effort to deliver a Fiumicino we can all love and enjoy in the future.