AXE: Great Quality, Excellent Communication.

FSX/P3D. Now this is a project in development for Aerosoft where everything was done right. From the announcements, to the communication, to the development updates, to the actual quality of the aircraft, to the number of updates after it's release to the continuous customer support. From time to time, members of the development team also like to sneak us previews of the systems and discuss the features. Heck, even Mathijs himself recently gave us a very thorough breakdown on the A318/19 development status including what would and would not be included in the product with a great followup explanation as to why. Are we entitled to that? Well again, it's just a good service practice to do so for the fans. Heck, the baby AXE has had more detailed previews in the last 6 months than the CRJ has had in the last 6 years. Very good things to be learned here. More previews are up, have a look! This team is doing a great job.