MSE 2.0 Dallas / Ft. Worth Released!

FSX/P3D. As they say, everything is BIGGER in Texas, and this Ultra-Res photoreal scenery title for Dallas / Forth Worth is a great example of "Texan" size and scale. Two large cities are included in close proximity, as well as a massive area around that perfectly matches up with the Terminal Area chart for the region. This titles gives you one of the nation's busiest airspaces - the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Terminal Control Area (shown by the chart link below) around 15,000 square miles of the all displayed at 50 cm per pixel. At over 15,000 square miles and 26 Gigabytes of ultra-high resolution scenery this is an extra-large title! They have had to charge just a little more to help cover the additional costs that come with the extra large size. For more information, click the source link below.