MV F-4E Phantom II Now In Open Beta.

FSX/P3D. If you want to be a part of the refining process or just can't wait to get your hands on it, MilViz has just released MV F-4E Phantom II into open beta. She is not quite yet ready for prime-time although she is both flyable and "stable". It lacks some of the features that will make it a fully fledged product such as INS, Flight Direction, Radio, SAS, Slat differential on AOA, among other things. New builds will be released on a regular basis but no promises about when. Purchasers of the beta at this time will allow you to get the full and final product free at the time of release. That would be for either the V2 or the FSX version (not both). You're not required to actually test or file reports on the product but, if you should wish to do so, you may use the support forums for that purpose. For more info, click the source link below.