29Palms Launches New Site, New Projects!

FSX/P3D. Without a doubt, the 29Palms duo Lars & Martin are among the very best in the business. But if you are unaware of this, this is likely because much of the work they have delivered over the past couple years have either been for or in conjunction with other development companies and teams. Regardless, every project they touch, rather a small airstrip, island vacation destination or mega airport, all have been best sellers throughout the community. I mentioned a short while back that I would like to see the team returning to the roots and developing more home grown airports vis-a-vis Greece! To my astonishment, the team then released an announcements a short time after that not only are they returning to Greece, they are also developing a secret project. Hmm... well nothing is more obvious that they are growing their portfolio of great projects than their new website which has just launched. As always, i'll be watching very closely! Check it out and go buy some great sceneries!