DA / AS CRJ: Okay? Or Not Okay?


FSX/P3D. Warning incoming rant. Finally an update on this project I can say is quite reflective of the 2014 development situation as we were told it would have been released 1st qtr. No. No new previews. No recent shots of the VC. No images showing the screens lit. Nothing physically depicting the systems functionality. But what we do have is a statement from one of the root admin forum moderators in response to yet another update query (as opposed to the usual constant and annoying: "Asking for release dates, more details, more images is almost always useless, when we got something to share you will see it here!" re-posts) he made a statement today as follows:

"Progress is being made, even though not as fast as with some other addons. Right now the CRJ is a single man development while on all other aircraft projects we have several developers. Surely it has to take a bit longer then, but since our part of the development (models, textures) is finished we are now awaiting Hans to finish the systems which is for sure not an easy task!" 

So there you have it. The holy grail rests on the hands of one man and Aerosoft's internal position as it relates to the development process has finalized. That is, if I am understanding the statement correctly.... If Aerosoft has been working on the modeling and texturing work which means Hans has had... what? The last 6 years to get the systems worked out? It's not the development timeline that has me livid, its the lack of depth and the shallow updates we have been getting all this time. What exactly is going on with Hans? And why are we not hearing from him? Dare I say the word "specificity."