Orbx Heads To Papua New Guinea!


FSX/P3D. It's interesting actually. Papua New Guinea was on my mind the last few weeks. I was watching some cheesy movie on Netflix about these folks who get stranded and subsequently lost in an underwater cave. Like everybody but one bloke died. I believe it was based on a true story actually. But what got me thinking was why has this part of the world been so ignored over the years in FS and I am sure the logical answer would be there is not likely a large FS crowd out here. Nevertheless, the landscape is simply beautiful and I am pleased that Orbx of all development companies choose to head out here. Not only is Jacksons International included but a number of challenging airstrips and helipads have been added as well. It all looks great but leaves me wondering... This is not a FTX region so could we be seeing a change in development strategy coming from Orbx? If so, I hope New Caledonia is next... but wait... We still need more from New Zealand! The work does look amazing. For more information, click the source link below.