Ozzman's Challenger: No Time Soon...

"I have no plans to cancel this project. Just because I haven't posted an update in a couple of months does not mean that this is dead. The reason for no updates is, well, that I haven't touched the project files since the last update here. But trust me, I needed a break from this badly. I realize that you guys want a great business jet as soon as possible, but you also have to realize that I can only spend days and days in 3ds Max for so long before I have to take a break and recuperate. It's almost counter-motivational for me to work on a single project for too long at a time. 

But something you may...or may not want to hear...is that when I do get back to this, I plan on revamping (for the second time) my exterior model. There are so many imperfections, places of low-detail, and little quirks that are bothering the hell out of me...so many things that I could have done better. For instance, my texture mapping is just awful...I got carried away with the "Relax" tool every time I UV mapped something. And whatever that was, it was modeled in such a crappy way that my Relax operations turned it into a jumbled mess of crap. Good luck trying to make a repaint of this bird, 'cause a straight line down the fuselage in Photoshop becomes a scribbled mess that looks like the product of a blind kindergartner picking up a dull crayon for the first time. Add the loss of several of my source files, and I have pretty much nowhere else to turn. I'd rather rebuild with quality than try to fix a doomed model. (The cockpits will be kept, though.) 

After seeing the new Phenom 100 by Carenado, I thought MAN, there is so much that I could have added to the Challenger to make it look this good. All of those awesome reflections, the smooth, streamlined surface, the cabin that looks like a photograph of the real thing...It's just amazing. And I want to put that kind of quality in a freeware aircraft for everyone to enjoy. 

So by the end of this summer, I plan to get cracking on this thing again. Go ahead and call me ADD, but I insist upon producing the most beautiful freeware FS plane that the world has ever seen. (Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration there.) Cheers, and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far."