Orbx Vans RV4 v2 Released!

FSX/P3D. The “Vans” range of kit built aircraft was founded in 1973 by Richard VanGrunsven and is the second aircraft from Orbx. The Vans has been faithfully re-created by the developer of the Lancair, Jared Charalambous. The RV-4 is an all-rounder that is very capable at aerobatics and long distance flights. Due to its design, the Vans RV 4 is a very light and manoeuvrable airplane, a feature that most of you will no doubt put to the test. The cockpit has been faithfully reproduced, with a complete advanced multi page electronic flight information system and 3D night lighting. Also included is an engine, electrical and system maintenance interface which can be accessed within the sim, so every system is fully programed with random failures as well as cumulative usage wear and tear. Add this one to your hanger!

NOTE: Customers who have purchased version 1 of the Vans RV4 can add this new version to their shopping cart and "purchase" it free of charge.