Ant's Updating The Fleet Plus P3Dv2.2!

FSX/P3D. I am quite a fan of Ant's Airplanes. Their work is of very high quality and their flight dynamics superb. The Tecnam Eaglet is one of my top go-to light sport aircraft which has models that includes a fully operational integrated Dynon Avionics EFIS system. I had to actually download and read the operational guide to properly learn it. Ant's has been in the process of updating their product line for P3Dv2 as well as updating the animation manager eliminating the need for separate external standalone setup programs. All aircraft now use an the in-sim animation manager to create and save preferences. The animation managers can now also be used to adjust fuel and pilot and passenger weights. Additional changes include fixing multiplayer flooding problems and improved realistic prop torque behavior. They have also added a Eaglet LSA floats version for you water pilots. If you have never heard of Ant's and are looking for new light sport aircraft, they have fully usable demos for you to sample for yourself. Tap the source link below for more information.