FSXGenius Allegedly Arrested.

According to the FroogleSim Facebook page, the man behind "FSXGenius" was arrested earlier today and interviewed by Police. He has allegedly admitted that he did take money without fulfilling orders as he used the money to pay down debts. He then tried to get more orders to cover the difference and it backfired. He has been released pending an investigation. This news is said to come from a FSXGenuis customer who has been working with authorities. I will mirror Froogle Pete's views on the subject matter and reiterate innocence until proven guilty. I will also quote Pete with the following: "This brings the matter to an end. Please don't go reaching out to the muppet with scads of hate mail - he has got what was coming and now we let the slow long arm of the law do what it does." Source link directs you to the Frooglesim Facebook page, the source of this information. 

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