Godzone Photoscenery Subscription Released!

FSX/P3D. I'm terribly sorry about this one lads. I totally forgot about this. It was actually released like almost 2 weeks ago! Basically, this product if sold, would be mighty expenive! Thus, the team came up with the subscription service.  A subscription gives access to a full year’s worth of photo scenery, including airfields, airports and other scenery to match the photo scenery areas. The current subscription covers the period from May 2014 to April 2015 (with the first release in early June 2014). Full payment is normally made at the time you subscribe, but initially you can choose to pay via installments through Paypal. During June the installment plan on offer is $20 per month for 5 months or a one off payment of NZD $99.00 for the year. Honestly, this is right up on par with Earth Simulations in terms of quality with autogen on top to boot. But I likely would rather just buy it. I hate bills. Now if only we could get more NZ airports! Tap the source link below for more information. 

EDIT: Whereas this is a subscription based service, you do indeed keep the purchases should you choose to cancel your subscription.