Is It A Cultural Thing? No. Just Inconsiderate.


Angelique Van Campen not too long ago wrote up a very interesting article about the issues between flight simulation news websites and I encourage you to read it HERE. She goes into the stresses of the daily relentless news searching and article compiling only for other news sites to come up from underneath the rug and re-post the news to their own followers without actually doing the work themselves, and not even acknowledging the source they got the news from.

I really feel her frustration. She and I work extremely hard to deliver news in the way we do on a daily biases. Like many trolls, a lot of ADX news leeching services no longer exist. But several still do. One of which is FS-Kurier. Here is a team that is not only blatant in how they get their news from ADX, but they are also very rude about it. Now I am all for everyone working together and whenever an ADX reader tips me off to news, I am sure to give them the credit. I will even go a step further. You may have noticed the ASN ad on ADX and an ADX ad on ASN. This may seem confusing, but the point is to show the openness of working together to serve the community together. Opening respecting the work and dedication to the community for each other.  We should all ideally want to help each other instead of stepping on one another.

But when sites like and FS-Kurier (among others, and you know who you are) do it, they pretend they are doing the work when it's me doing the work for them. And when questioned, they then try to pretend AirDailyX doesn't exist. Is this a cultural thing? When I sent an email to FS-Kurier several weeks ago introducing myself and noting we all should be working together to serve the community instead of competing by way of leaching, they pretended not to be able to speak English, and not being able to use an online translator either for that matter. They told me I needed to write then in German in order to get a response. Well let's see if they can translate this when they come back for news. Pretty sad if you ask me. But, I am glad to see they are obviously fans. FS-Kurier, powered by AirDailyX. Okay rant over, back to the real work.

Oh and for the record, it's not about holding a monopoly on FS news. It's about courtesy, politeness, and mature conduct.