Adelaide X Approaching P3D.

FSX/P3D. The popular Adelaide International X scenery expansion for FSX by AUscene has been converted to work with P3D v2.x and will be available shortly at PC Aviator. Not only is the current package being converted to work in P3D as well as FSX, but FSX users will also benefit from some minor updates and bug fixes too. The single upgraded version will install into both FSX and P3D (where required) and will be a FREE update for existing owners of the Adelaide International X package. New customers will be downloading the FSX/P3D compatible package as soon as it comes online. If new customers wish to purchase ahead of the release of the latest version with FSX/P3D compatibility, they can do so, and have immediate access to the current FSX version to download and fly. Upon release of this latest FSX/P3D version, those customers will have their download links upgraded to download the latest version automatically and without additional charge (it will require another download of the full package however). Tap the source for more.