Your Departure To OpenLC EU Will Be Delayed.

FSX/P3D. Orbx CEO John Venema has released a statement regarding the status of OpenLC and whereas we were all hoping it would finally be out for release this month, continuous development challenges are reflecting otherwise. According to John, the team is still developing new landclass and texture content for openLC EU resulting in additional work. Without a doubt, the downside regarding the additional custom texture work is prolonging overall project development timeline because every texture tile needs to be rendered for multiple season variations corresponding to their assigned region, including proper night lighting and autogen annotation. Given the fact that Europe is incredibly diverse in it's various terrain and climates, the team feels that this process must be carried out in an effort to deliver the product as good as it can possibly be the first time around. The good news, this crash course is expected to shorten the time frame for openLC US. Read the full statement via the source link below.