AirDailyX Introducing: Dreamflight Studios!

FSX/P3D. I am sure by now many of you will recall many times my stating that I would be introducing new development teams for 2014 and I have already announced quite a few already. One of the perks of being a follower ADX is the fact that you get the breaking info here before any other FS news site. Besides, many of them just get their news from here anyway. Now DreamFlight is a new development company but the developers are not by any means new to flight simulation development. This is an extremely talented team and based of the sneak peak previews I have seen over the past several months, I am pleased to finally have the opportunity to introduce you all this team and they have some mighty good things in store for the community. One of their airports in development is Juan Santamaria Intl Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica and we have the first shot to show. As always, ADX will keep on top of the news but for now, show your support for the team and give them a like on their Facebook page! And who says FS is dying?