Lionheart Lear: New shots!

FSX/P3D. Was recently talking to my good friend Greg who was telling me that on a recent tour to the main Gulfsrtream facility, he was told that if he were to put down something like 75 million in cash for a G6, he would get delivery of his brand new aircraft in about 7 years. In fact, the waiting list is so long, some people have been known to sell their place in line for the whopping low price of 25 mil. As much as I would just love a G6, I'd bet I could go out and buy a good ol' classic Learjet 24b and be airborne next week. But let's face it, i'm dreaming. Good thing Lionheart Creations is working to deliver us the classic Lear and it wont take 7 years. Maybe just a few more weeks. Check out the latest screenshots.