Drzewiecki Design NY Airports Update.

FS9/FSX/P3D. My goodness! I awoke this morning to a flurry of emails! I actually slept in a bit late today due to a late night live stream with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thanks again to all who joined us. It was a great time! I'll try to get another live stream of NY Airports sometime later today as well. But for now, you have several airports that await you so hit that source link below and get going! New York awaits you! Thanks to the several ADX readers who woke me up this morning for the tipoff! 

ADX UPDATE >> Note From Drzewiecki Design: "We have found a bug in our product causing a performance drop in many cases. We will be removing the product from all stores until the problem is fixed, what I expect to be done in a few days. Please don't file any more performance reports as we have already collected enough data to fix the problem. We are sorry for this inconvenience."