Mister Cattaneo E La Sua Viking!

FSX/P3D. Which should basically read: Mister Cattaneo and his Viking. He lives in Italy right? I am of course referring the Magnificent Dino Cattaneo and his wonderful world of amazing freeware ass kicking military line of aircraft developments. His current project is the S-3 Viking and according to his most recent update just a couple days ago, the final system check is 80% complete, with the Alpha version (which will lack Tacpack functionality) to be available by the end of the week to the beta testers. Following that (in a 2-3 week timeframe), a Tacpack-capable Beta version will be released to the public. I am actually quite a fan of the Viking and enjoyed the old Iris version back in FS9. I'm looking forward to taking Dino's attempt out for a spin. Might as well to some damage while i'm out there. For more information, click the source link below. Thanks to ADX reader Mark Sewell for the tipoff.