Yes, This Is FS. This is WDS: MBS!

FSX/P3D. Developer Russ White is aiming to change everything we know about his airport scenery development abilities. Sure, he has developed several high quality payware airports for flight simulation in the past. But none of that comes even remotely close to the endeavor he is currently setting out to accomplish. Developers like FlightBeam, FlyTampa, and FSDT aim to set the benchmarks of the highest quality sceneries and soon, White Digital Simulations will join that list. The first project is MBS airport in Michigan and one of the techniques used will be complete internal terminal modeling. Once complete, you will actually be able to walk through the landside terminal entrance, past the ticket counters, through security, beyond the gates, and onto the ramp. Couple this with the surrounding scenery we have already seen in the latest previews, and no doubt, this will be one of the most detailed projects ever. And yes, performance and VAS are all factors throughout the development process. For the first teaser shot, click the source link below.