The Curved Screen. Good for us!

[Technology] I was thinking back about the previous CES conference and that whole Michael Bay debacle and prior to him storming off stage, he was asked a fundamental question: "The curve. How do you think it will impact how viewers experience your movies?" Now personally, I don't much care for explosions every time a trashcan falls over in one of his films or Optimus Prime riding a freaking dinosaur robot. But I did ask myself: "How could the curve effect the experiences of flight simulation pilots?" And the self answer was "Tremendously!" Think about it. If this technology went in the right direction, there would no longer be a need for multiple screen setups. One screen could very well provide a fully immersive experience especially for smaller mobile motion simulators and home cockpits eliminating the need for projection equipment and a much sharper, brighter, crisper, image. Add the fact that you would also get nearly a seamless full 3DVC appearance. The current screens are not curved enough, but if they were, I believe they really could be the ultimate tool for flight simulation. Someone should get a hold of Samsung.