New Shots From Linate!

FSX/P3D. I cant stress this enough! We need more Italian airports and no doubt, Italy is making it's comeback in FS. Not since the early days of FS9 and ISD have we seen so many new airports come out of Italy. We are still waiting on the FSX version of Fiumicino. Maybe another needs to go ahead and get on that project. Hey, did you know Milano Malpensa is currently in development? You will be very pleased too. Can't say anything about the project but you really should be keeping up with the ADX Billboard. Another project is Milano Linate. ADX has been following this project since like 2012! It wound up on our ADX IceBox: Dead Projects À la carte menu. The developer is back with updates after a long hiatus. Let's hope he sticks with it this time. I'll move this project back up on the list. Check out the latest shots via the source below. Thanks to ADX reader Jens Cassel for the tipoff.