Pilatus PC-9/A: Impressive Visuals!

FSX/P3D. Iris Flight Simulations has released another set of screenshots showing a bit of the VC work on their upcoming Pilatus PC-9/A and at the post title suggests, the visuals are very impressive. There has been a bit of controversy regarding this development company and some of it's members but clearly none of that is effecting the progress of the PC-9 here which just might be their highest quality to date. Kinda makes me wish the Swiss produced more aircraft. I can imagine what a Pilatus bizjet might look like to complement their PC-12. Speaking of which, let's not forget, Carenado and Razbam respectively have begun production on the PC-9 with the latter expected to deliver more complex systems. Here are a few shots of the PC-9, those P3Dv2 shadows look great on it too. Check it out! 

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