Night Environment: California Released!

FSX/P3D. These guys are all over the globe with this project and the next destination is heading to my place. Aerosoft Night Environment California is now in development with the first shots showing Los Angeles (me home town) Now LA is huge. Really HUGE! And as such, there are a great vast and many colors that radiate off it's surface at night from red, to green, to orange, and blue in some areas. Like a really ugly flat Christmas tree. Believe me, I have spent many hours above this city at night. So far, it looks like they have nailed it. Well... Mostly... As the city adds more bright white LED street lighting to replace the older orangeish glow of the old incandescent lights, so changes the color of the city at night. In fact, a law was just recently passed here banning the sale all incandescent light bulbs in our state leaving LED's and compact fluorescent lamps as the primary light sources as they burn less energy and emit little to no heat. I'll be watching this project very closely. Tap the source for more. And I have not forgotten about my Dubai coverage. I'll get there soon. A bit bust getting the new systems worked out.