Shagadelic Lion Lear: I'm Diggin It Man!

FSX/P3D. A very worthy mention about Lionheart Creations worth note is a terrific feature that is added with many of their aircraft products that many developers do not bother with and that's interior options. Take Carenado for example, on average, they will release say 5 liveries, but all will have the same interior representation. With Lionheart, depending on the addon, you get different interiors to match your livery. And if you know how to do simple edits (what I like to do) you can mix and match your interior vs exterior options. In the case of the Lear here, you can go from more modern interiors to the old 70's shag carpeting and wall papering! Now that's just cool! Check out the latest shots via the source link below. I think that shag is making a comeback. Bought a shag rug, feels great under the bare feet! Roll around on it and stuff. It's groovy!