UK2000 Jersey: First Screens!

FSX/P3D. Three are on the track and no doubt UK2000 is looking to be the first out the gate. What am I going on about? Well, I am sure there are thoes that might say: "the more options, the better." But let's face it, this is not Pepsi vs Coke. Flight simulation is a niche market and when multiple developers decide on the same destination, just how beneficial is it? Is some cases, it is, and in many cases, it is not. In the case of Jersey, UK2000, Aerosoft, and Earth Simulations all have pledged their hats into the ring. Not sure about you, but maybe Aerosoft should bow out of this one. Here are the shots from the UK2000 version. Thanks to ADX reader Tristan Marchent for the tipoff!