Aerosoft GAP MAP Frankfurt. It's On!

FSX/P3D. I have a theory. And give me some rope with this one. But there has been quite a bit of interest from the community for a new version of Germany's Frankfurt Main. We have known for quite some time that the German Airports Team was in the process of developing the airport with a summer 2014 release time frame. Developer Taxi2Gate was prepared to jump on it after a recent ADX poll but in my opinion, they wisely made the decision to develop Doha instead. How many quality developers do we really need working on same airport. It's a big world out there. FlightBeam recently ran a poll of several destinations of which Frankfurt became a runner up.

Now I don't think anyone will disagree, FB is a force to be reckoned with. That said, GAP had damn well better get something out there to show as their territory may be under threat and they bounced quickly to get some screenshots out. As it currently stands. The FB poll between FRA and MSP is a hair pin close leaving the possibility that FB could proceed with Frankfurt anyway. This is an interesting one. I'm watching very closely. Check out the GAP Frankfurt screens via the source link below. Thanks to ADX readers Mahin Khandaker and Nils Schloemp for the tipoff.

Polling has closed pending announcement.