Razbam Metroliner III Ver 1.1 Released!

Bug fixes:

  • Reversed Ailerons
  • Torque Gauges tied to No 1 engine
  • DE-ICE Gauge - Note: The gauge only shows a reading when Wing De-Ice is operating otherwise it reads 0.
  • NWS Fail warning light
  • Start Locks animation
  • GPS functions added: Approach/calculator/auxiliary modes
  • GPS Compatibility issue with FSX SP2: Recoded. Cannot test if it works with SP2 but the code has changed.
  • Manual Update - Must read to understand how new features (like start locks) work.
  • New Models and textures
  • New "realism" gauge to enable/disable features like start locks and engine overtemp/overtorgue
  • Minor adjustments to the FDE

New models included:

  • Swedish Air Force TP-88 AEW.
  • US Air Force RC-26.
  • Fuerza Aérea Mexicana (Mexican Air Force) RC-26.
  • US Air Force RC-26B.
  • Improved FDE.
  • Improved Engine management.

Fixed the following bugs:

  • Reversed ailerons.
  • Torque gauge for No 2 US Engine.
  • NWS Fail light.
  • DE-ICE System.
  • GPS recoded to make it compatible with SP2 (not tested)

New Functionality:

  • GPS modes:
  • Approach.
  • Calculator mode.
  • Aux mode
  • Propeller start locks.

 User configurable realism settings added:

  • Start Locks (disabled by default).
  • Engine overtemp damage (enabled by default).
  • Engine overtorque damage (Enabled by default).