MilViz Announces Piaggio Avanti Italiano!


FSX/P3D. Boy is MilViz hitting the ground running. Or is it hitting the sky flying? There is a new trend in the flight simulation community. Back in the day, 1 developer would release 1 product a year. If said developer was really quick then maybe 2. If the developer was more quantity focused over quality, then several. But these days, we are seeing development companies release several products per year and all of stellar quality. MilViz is one such developer with a growing list of aircraft addons and thus far, their track record has been very good. The latest development announcement is the Piaggio P180 Avanti and thank goodness. That Wilco was an absolute failure in my book. And I bought both FSX and X versions of it. As always, ADX will be front and center as development progresses. But MilViz, lets get cracking with that 350i guys! What is going non in that hangar?? People are waiting out here. We got places to fly.