ADX Exclusive: FlightBeam Denver P3!

FSX/P3D. Just when you thought FlightBeam couldn't possibly get any better, they go on and do something that creates an impression that again leaves one feeling they just can't get any better. So once again we are locked into the vortex and let me tell you once you get your hands on Denver, you just might be left with the feeling that this is the highest quality Mega Airport ever made. To be honest, i'm perplexed. There is technology in this scenery that has never been seen or used by any other developer. From the crazy terrain that will swallow you whole if you go off taxi, to the environmental reflections, to the night lighting. I really wish I could show you all I have discovered in this scenery but giving you too much is a bad thing. So out of the 100+ screenshots I took this evening, i'm only giving you a few. Why? Because soon, it will be in your hands. We are not down to weeks, we are down to days and perhaps, just hours. Stay tuned to ADX for the release announcement. Till then, check out my own shots of FlightBeam Denver! 

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