Prepar3D V2.2 & Yakutat: Whip Out The Betas!

FSX/P3D. This is one destination I am totally looking forward to. Actually, make that 2 destinations. If it's one thing that really has my noodles boiling, it's Lockheed Martin's commitment to Prepar3D and the flight simulation community. Thus, for those approaching Yakutat in FSX vs those who will make their visits in P3D 2.2, indeed both simmers will have a totally different experience. Based on the latest screenshots by Alex Goff, P3Dv2.2 visuals blow FSX and v1.1 away. I will be diving into P3D v2.2 deeply in the coming weeks so stay tuned to ADX for my coverage. For now, check out the latest Yakutat shots.