PMDG T7 Weather Radar. RSR: "But It Is Real..."

FSX. At the top of the April 1st prank chain, one list I did not want to top was the fools list. Thus, unlike the other news sources, I refrained from any announcements here regarding PMDG until confirmation as to whether the information they shared was legit or not. Now, don't get me wrong, a couple of ADX readers were able to prank me pretty good as did Netflix with their latest original series on frying bacon. (I love bacon. I wasn't laughing) Nevertheless, Rob says as opposed to insinuating the preview of the weather radar implementation was indeed real, (albeit the screenshot clearly inferred otherwise if you knew where to look) they decided to let the community drive themselves wild. A very good tactic indeed. As it turns out however, it is real adding PMDG to the list of aircraft developers staunching going after real-time weather radar. For the full statement and updated screenshot, tap the source link below. Thanks to ADX Readers Elliot Westacott.