ADX Exclusive: Taxi2Gate Pointe-à-Pitre!

FSX/P3D. Now recently, FranceVFR released a new airport that I felt was not only below modern standards for a payware airport, but the price point was also bit high given the quality. But, I will say that there have been a few airports that I did like from the team (minus default runways, aprons, taxiways, and ground equipment) one of which was their Strasbourg. But the airports I really enjoyed the most (mind you we are talking FS9 here) were the ones included in the Martinique and Guadeloupe products. Sadly, they just don't hold up well in FSX and P3D. I had been hoping they would go back and redux them at some point but it seems that is no longer necessary. The amazing team we know as Taxi2Gate have chosen Pointe-à-Pitre as their next Caribbean destination and based on these ADX Exclusive screenshots, it's the TFFR I have been waiting for. Is this team on a roll? Or is this team on a roll? Go T2G! Go!  

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