Someone Asked About Drzewiecki NY?

FS9/FSX/P3D. Now I am not sure if the following statement is in regards to Newark as shown above or in regards to the entire NY area line of products but here is what Stanislaw had to say along with the latest previews: "The final deadline for the product to be released is May 2014 (probably the middle of the month). Although all airport buildings are already at place (with custom reflections and night textures) there are still a few things to be done. We are currently working on airport grounds and this is always a time consuming thing. There are also some more advanced features to be considered, like taxiway bridges and docking systems. Anyway, just letting you know that we are working on the project all the time. Here are some KEWR WIPs. Remember that this is not a single-airport product and the point is to make all the airports as PC resources friendly as possible."  For the rest of the shots, check out the source link below. EDIT: He was in fact referring to the entire NY airports product to be released in May. Updates to NYC expected as well including possible night lighting.