Earth Simulation​s Autogenesi​s Project.


FSX/P3D. Okay how can I explain this as simply as possible. Earth Simulations has just announced a new project in development called Autogenes. In a nutshell it encompasses 30 cm photographic scenery day & night textures for the UK color enhanced & blended seamlessly to remove any lines or cloud artifacts present in the original source data. The icing on the cake here is the full 3D environment which includes: Vegetation: Millions of accurately placed trees generated from Ordinance Survey data. Buildings: 19 New High Res Building Textures. All the housing has unique textures designed to suit UK and suitable for the land use area they are in. Street Furniture: Post Boxes/Phone Boxes Also placed approx where they are and lit at night. Utilities: 3D Lamp posts with new lighting effects at night. Road Transport: Animated British Traffic Approx 200 new vehicle models that are UK type with tail lights and headlights beam effects. Rail Transport: Static Trains At railway stations. Boat Traffic: New animated Boat Traffic New variety of living world boat models including yachts, fishing boats, pleasure boats with night lighting effects. Birdlife Soundscapes and much more! Okay that's enough to post here. Head over to EarthSimulations for more detailed information these guys are cooking up! Thanks to Kevin Firth for the tipoff!