ADX Introducing: Ready4Takeoff Simulations.

FSX/P3D. Quick show of hands: who remembers EvolutionSim? This was one of those development teams ADX relunctly announced to the FS community back in early 2012 long before the release of FlyTampa's Dubai. Evolution started off with nothing more than a screenshot render of DXB's control tower. A few months later and they were booming with previews getting the FS Community quite excited. You see, during this time, FT's DXB was still little more than a rumor. But soon afterwards, the previews stopped cold and the team announced a breakup. However, one half of the team announced development would progress on another project under the same name. That was in July of 2012 and they have failed to bring anything to market in all that time. My point? A new dev team has arrived with the announcement of Abu Dahbi and whereas this will be no easy undertaking, I remain cautiously optimistic they will deliver. The first preview has been posted: an early render of the control tower no less. All the best of luck to this team. Check them out on Facebook via the source link below. Thanks to Jens Cassel for the tipoff.