AES Activated For Berlin & Dublin!

[FS Utilities] Oliver Pabst has released an interim update for AES version 2.34 released back in December of last year. (Whoa! It's been that long?) No clear indication as yet regarding when 2.35 will be released but at least the latest two Aerosoft mega Airports will be covered. With Taxi2Gate's Instanbul and ImagineSim's Shanghai released with Denver right on the horizon, hopefully the next version is on final approach. But more importantly, AES needs to find itself into P3D regardless the current constraints. If FSDT can do it, thnn maybe AES' code needs to be rewritten, re-built whatever. The FS community is rapidly moving in the direction of P3D and I would hate to see this wonderful tool get left behind. You will find the interim update via the source link below.