Squamish: The Bigger Picture, Getting Closer.

FSX/P3D. How do you know when an Orbx product is getting close to release? 1. Rarely, John or one of the team will do "sneak preview" shots, often when products are still in alpha. 2. Once a project is in beta, they begin to show preview screenshots. 3. Once Iain Emms gets hold of the late beta, he will give clues as to how close it is. 4. When Emmsie posts "my last shots" you know they are a few days away from release. Consider this the Iain stage I suppose. Finally we get a few pullback shots of the Squamish coverage area and it is looking quite rather splendid indeed. Whether you prefer to touch down on concrete or water, fly the chopper or cruise the boat, this destination has something for everyone. Release can't be more than a couple weeks away.