Orbx Roadmap Updated. Great Stuff!

FSX/P3D. The venerable Venema has announced a comprehensive update in regards to the Orbx corporate product development forecast through 2015. Having just read the list of upcoming projects, all I can say is WOW! Great things coming our way. Now as always, I wont list all the projects here. But you can find them laid out on the ADX Billboard (hang on, i'm working on it!) and of course via the source link below. But here is what is most notable so far: Jarrad Marshall will deliver Monterey Regional in May, followed by Narvik by Tore Stranden in June, and PAHO Homer will be delivered by Alex Goff in August. My personal favorite on the list? Lake Tahoe as seen in the above shot will be delivered by none other than Misha Cajic! OOOhhhh containing my excitement! Happy Friday and Happy Flighting!