FranceVFR Montpellier Mediterranean Released!

FSX. FranceVFR releases another airport. Which is interesting I suppose because I was under the impression these guys had stepped out of airport development since abandoning FS9. The last airport the team released was Lognes Emrainville and sadly, I had to be brutally honest in the review prompting the developer to "disassociate" himself and his brand with ADX. So much for being honest I guess. Well here is some more honesty: The developer is asking about 20 Euro for the product which in my opinion is not reflective or should I say representative of modern scenery quality for the price point justification. The lack of closeup screenshots furthers this concern. I mean let's face it, FranceVFR is damn good at what they do when it comes to region scenery development and their 3D Automation technology. The only company that can rival Orbx these days in that category.

In fact, I wrote a very comprehensive review of their Houte Normandie product which I highly praised. But when it comes to airports, it's just not their strong point. With that said, I do imagine there are a number of simmers looking for something above default and for those purposes, this airport will serve as placeholder just fine. I just wish a more serious airport developer would consider covering France like they have done for Germany all these years. Now feel free to beat me up over my words. Hey! Now available via the source link below!